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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. This is interesting. I would say some of the guidance appears a bit more tactical that I would expect for a CSO, but still worth a gander.
    ASIS releases standards detailing CSO role @ The Latest for Security Executives
    Tags: ( cso )
  2. This is a good article to put in front of anybody that thinks that cross-site scripting vulnerabilities are minor and don't really need to be worried about.
    SecuriTeam Blogs >> Cross Site Scripting can cause your stock to tank
    Tags: ( xss )
  3. A very nice article about the recent patching of a flaw in the SimpleDB api.
    What's New in the Amazon Cloud?: Security Vulnerability in Amazon EC2 and SimpleDB Fixed (7.5 Months After Notification) | Cloud Security
    Tags: ( vulnerability patches amazon simpledb )
  4. Martin has a post asking us what we are doing to keep our skills current. Several, including me, have offered some input. There is some good stuff there. Go check it out and add your own ideas.
    Network Security Blog >> Investing in my career
    Tags: ( career education )
  5. Nifty tip on how to mount a filesystem using the alternate superblock when it won't mount normally. Of course, this is from a forensic perspective, but useful from a general perspective also.
    Mounting Images Using Alternate Superblocks << SANS Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response
    Tags: ( forensics mount superblock )
  6. The bad guys are not in this for fun and games. There is value in the data they are taking from you.
    Hundreds of Stolen Data Dumps Found - Security Fix
    Tags: ( data breach )
  7. Looks like there might be some clarification coming regarding PCI and virtualization in 2009. Keep you eyes open.
    Tags: ( pci virtualization )

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