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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Gunnar says what I have been thinking about the whole APT argument, only much better than I could.
    1 Raindrop: I Can See APT From Here
    Tags: ( apt )
  2. Anyone who does forensics or needs to deal with Linux machines should be aware of how the /etc/fstab file works. Sometimes to can find interesting things by peaking in there.
    How to edit and understand /etc/fstab
    Tags: ( linux filesystem fstab )
  3. This is just very cool. A very neat visualization of historical browser use statistics.
    Tags: ( visualization )
  4. This is an interesting treatment of what cloud computing is.
    Elemental Cloud-o-gram : elemental cloud computing
    Tags: ( cloud )
  5. This is the one of the big questions you have to answer when you consider moving your sensitive corporate and customer data to externally hosted cloud services.
    Thoughts on Secure Multi-Tenancy - Chuck's Blog
    Tags: ( cloud multi-tenancy )
  6. Hmm, doesn't look like the basis for Google claiming the Chinese are behind the Aurora attacks is quite as cut and dried as presented.
    'Aurora' code circulated for years on English sites * The Register
    Tags: ( google aurora )

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