Here ya go.

From the Blogoshpere

0x000000 has the first of a series of pieces that cover Mozilla malware, how to write it and how to detect it, posted. Interesting stuff.

CG has a post up about a tool called Metagoofil and how it can be used to develop an email list. Very interesting stuff. I haven't played with it yet, but will be soon.

Tenable has setup a way for charities and classrooms that provide information security training to get a full professional feed for free. Way to go Tenable.

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Hi there. Here are today's interesting bits.

From the Blogosphere.

F-secure has posted a notice about two Mac OSX trojans.

Adobe is in the news again with a patch for yet another critical PDF Reader flaw. Head-up provide by Zero Day.

Via TaoSecurity, a post by Pascal Meunier, Virtualization Is Successful Because Operating Systems are Weak, puts forth an interesting way to look at virtualization.

What it looks like is that we have sinking boats, so we’re putting them inside a bigger, more powerful boat, virtualization...

Chris Eng at Veracode has Part 1 of Minimizing the Attack Surface up. Good read.

Security4all points us at a way to get Nessus 3 installed on Backtrack 3. Very cool, but watch that new licensing.

From the Newsosphere.

Verisign has been picked by Microsoft as the OpenID provider for users of HealthVault.

The Marshall Islands, a small country in the South Pacific, was effectively denied access to email by a denial of service attack.

Yahoo! Mail was vulnerable to a XSS attack which allowed access to confidential information. It's fixed now.

Some HSBC websites are also susceptible to XSS attacks.

Surprise, Surprise, China networks host a large number of the websites pushing malware.

That's it for today folks.

Have a good one.


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