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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. The title says it all. SAINT 7 has been released.
    SAINT 7 released
    Tags: ( saint scanner tools )
  2. Anue Systems interviews Jack Daniel.
    Security Pros on Twitter (SPoT): Jack Daniel/@Jack_Daniel - The Network View
    Tags: ( infoec interview )
  3. Lenney Zeltser, who teaches a popular malware analysis course for SANS, has made one of his slide decks available online. The cool part, the speaker notes are included. Note: You can also watch the recorded webcast.
    Introduction to Malware Analysis - Free Webcast by Lenny Zeltser
    Tags: ( malware analysis )
  4. The T2'09 challenge is up.
    T2'09 Challenge - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
    Tags: ( challenge )
  5. This is the second half of a post pointed to recently. Interesting stuff.
    >> The Internet After Dark (Part 2) * Security to the Core | Arbor Networks Security
    Tags: ( general )
  6. So, um, all those wonderful security cameras...basically worth bupkiss in stopping or solving crime. There goes that argument for why Big Brother is your friend.
    Schneier on Security: On London's Surveillance Cameras
    Tags: ( surveillance privacy cameras )
  7. An interesting exploration of free security products.
    Plausible Deniability >> Freegan-ism: how free product might upset the anti malware space
    Tags: ( anti-virus anti-malware opinion )
  8. If you are running an FTP server on top of IIS 5 or 6 on Windows 2000, you will want to check this out and put in some extra logging if you can't turn that puppy off.
    IIS5&6 FTP Stack Overflow Zeroday : Liquidmatrix Security Digest
    Tags: ( iis ftp win2k )
  9. The author has a very good point. Worth a read.
    stop the alert(); - The HP Security Laboratory Blog | HP Web Application Security -
    Tags: ( xss )

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