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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. The 5 year clock is about to start on Windows XP and Office 2003. They both are going into extended support status.
    Windows XP and Office 2003 Enter a New Phase of Support
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  2. If you want to continue to get updated DCERPC related detection capabilities with snort you are going to have to upgrade soon. Details inside.
    VRT: Snort 2.8.4 is nigh
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  3. Alex has put up his first blog post for Verizon Business. In it, he argues that PCI is not broken. I agree. I have never viewed PCI and a panacea for "securing" card data. Saying that PCI makes card data safe, is like saying that a seat belt makes a car safe. It helps, but doesn't guarantee anything.
    He also points us to another resource that looks interesting, the "Information Security Management Maturity Model "
    Verizon Business Security Blog >> Blog Archive >> There's nothing wrong with the PCI DSS
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  4. First: This post has a really nice graphical representation of the operational Internet DNS framework (attack surfaces). Second: The final report was released from the The Global DNS Security, Stability and Resiliency Symposium. It is now on my reading pile.
    >> DNS Attack Surface * Security to the Core | Arbor Networks Security
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  5. You have a couple patches to install if you manage a VMWare ESX installation.
    VMWare Announces New, Critical Security Updates
    Tags: ( vulnerability vmware patches )
  6. A nice list of targets you can use to test your hacking skills. There are more in the comments.
    Hacking Without All the Jailtime web application security lab
    Tags: ( hacking targets )

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