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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. This is pretty nifty. Going to have to play with this one.
    Security Research & Defense : Announcing OffVis 1.0 Beta
    Tags: ( office microsoft )
  2. The inaugural episode of the Cloud Security Podcast is available. Christofer and Craig are looking for feedback. Take a listen and let them know what you think.
    Introducing the Cloud Security Podcast... | Cloud Security
    Tags: ( cloud podcast )
  3. It can't be said often enough. The Riv during Defcon is a dangerous place to be from an information security perspective.
    Malicious ATM Catches Hackers | Threat Level |
    Tags: ( defcon )
  4. This is just cool.
    Uncommon Sense Security: Announcing the Warzone Project
    Tags: ( ctf labs )
  5. Twitter is now stopping tweets with malicious urls. Someone mentioned that url shortner services can cause this control to fail, I'm not positive that is the case. Would be interesting to find out though.
    Twitter Now Filtering Malicious URLs - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
    Tags: ( twitter )
  6. A good post with some tips on make your internal router and switch fabric not quite so hack worthy.
    Switch hardening on your network
    Tags: ( network-security )
  7. A new packet challenge is up.
    The Crypto Kitchen - Packet Challenge << I Smell Packets
    Tags: ( challenge )
  8. This is a bit scary. Who needs TEMPEST or other remote methods of reading keyboard actions with this type of thing.
    Hacker demos persistent Mac keyboard attack | Zero Day |
    Tags: ( malware )
  9. Part of being a successful professional, information security focused or not, is the ability to be an effective presenter. You should look at this.
    Make: Online : Tips on "unpresenting"
    Tags: ( presenting )

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