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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Dark Reading is hosting a free all-day virtual conference titled "Dealing with Insider Threats" next week.
    Dark Reading To Hold Virtual Conference On Insider Threats Next Week - security events/Security - DarkReading
    Tags: ( conference )
  2. You can download the cfp document and instructions for RSA USA 2010 already. The website will be live for submission soon. The deadline is August 15th since the conference is a month earlier next year.
    RSA Conference 365
    Tags: ( cfp rsa-usa-2010 )
  3. Mubix gave an impromptu talk about Metasploit last night and this happened. Just hilarious.
    YouTube - Anon's raid Mubix
    Tags: ( humor )
  4. Here's a place to read about information security FUD or offer your own stories about it.
    Welcome To -
    Tags: ( fud )
  5. Jeremiah offers some thoughts on why vulnerable code should still be fixed after a web application firewall has been installed. Good comments too.
    Jeremiah Grossman: Why vulnerable code should be fixed even after WAF mitigation
    Tags: ( waf )
  6. Looks like all the hoopla about OpenSSH yesterday was just that, hoopla.
    OpenSSH 0day FUD
    Tags: ( openssh )
  7. A nifty reference card for 802.11.
    Will Hack For SUSHI >> 802.11 Pocket Reference Guide
    Tags: ( 802.11 )
  8. Lee Kushner and Mike Murray will be on PaulDotCom tonight at 7:00PM EDT. Cool stuff. Post tells what they will be talking about.
    InfoSec Leaders on PaulDotCom Tonight | Information Security Leaders
    Tags: ( career )

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