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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Just so you know.
    Vivek Kundra reinstated as federal CIO
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  2. This reinforces the importance of physical access. If some has physical access to a device, you are going to be very hard pressed to prevent them from doing evil.
    Criminals sneak card-sniffing software on Diebold ATMs - Network World
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  3. Dave gives us a couple more tips of pulling binaries out of pcap file or from live network traffic, but more importantly does something that impresses me more. Addresses a miss-communication in a previous post.
    NetworkMiner follow up << SANS Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response
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  4. A nice post cooked up in the Security Kitchen that provides us with two things. 1) A way to restrict browsing by location/machine and 2) a reminder that sometimes things are much simpler and easier than they appear. 🙂
    The Security Kitchen >> location-based browsing restrictions.
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  5. This has the potential to be very important. We will have to wait and see what come out tomorrow.
    Uh Oh, rootkit code to exploit major Intel chip flaw to be posted 3/19/09 | Community
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  6. Chris's slide deck from his talk at SOURCEBoston is available for download. Interesting stuff in there, even if you don't get the benefit of his patter to go along with the deck. 🙂
    Rational Survivability >> The Frogs Who Desired a King: A Virtualization & Cloud Computing Fable [Slides]
    Tags: ( cloud virtualization )
  7. Julie takes us to task for the the way we talk about our user populations and rightfully so. As she says, the way we talk in private can leak into our public discourse, often when we don't intend it to, leading to those whoops moments we all wish we could take back.
    Lazy. Apathetic. Careless. Stupid. : The Security Catalyst
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