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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. There were a couple of incidents with ATMs at the recent Defcon conference. See Chris's post about a warning from ENISA with some guidance on what to look for to keep safe.
    Dr. InfoSec: ENISA Warns of Alarming Increase in ATM Crime
    Tags: ( atm )
  2. This is very cool. An open source virtual switch. (Hat tip: @aneel)
    Open vSwitch
    Tags: ( virtualization switch )
  3. There is some good information about DirectAccess in this article.
    Understand the pros and cons of Microsoft Windows 7 DirectAccess
    Tags: ( directaccess windows-7 )
  4. Looks like there are still some issues with firewire and access to memory. Check out this post for more information.
    Windows 7 Firewire Attacks << Ramblings of the anal security guy
    Tags: ( firewire windows-7 )
  5. Chris has posted a nice list of podcasts that you should check out if you looking for some new information security listening pleasure.
    Filling your ipod... << Ramblings of the anal security guy
    Tags: ( podcasts )
  6. The packet captures from Defcon 17 are now available via bittorrent.
    Diutinus Defense Techonologies Corp. / Home
    Tags: ( defcon ctf )

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