port mapping

Howdy folks. Here are today's tidbits

From the Blogosphere

Lori MacVittie has put up a post that takes a little deeper look at port knocking than the typical geek response of "Wow. That's cool!" She brings up some very valid points that need to be considered when thinking about deploying technologies.

Rob talks about how a new survery for PCI folks came into being and then asks us to go take it. Help him out.

Augusto points out that just because we will probably have some neat and nifty new things to worry about after BlackHat and Defcon, the old stuff still has to be watched for. Go check it out.

CG brings a nifty tool for port mapping from Microsoft to our attention. Thanks.

From the Newsosphere

Via the Register, the Neosploit back-by-numbers kit is being retired.

Via SearchSecurity, IBM X-Force report slams independent security researchers.

Via DarkReading, Automated DNSSEC App Secures Against DNS Flaw.

Via SecurityFocus, Poisoned DNS servers pop up as ISPs patch.

That's it for today. Have a good one.


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