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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Not exactly InfoSec related, but some very good advice for those who telecommute, even those who do so part-time.
    Tips for New Telecommuters Who've Been Laid Off or Fired - Network World
    Tags: ( telecommuting )
  2. Are your proxies doing their jobs? Are you sure all your users are going through them as they should be.
    Unauthorized Web Use On The Rise, Sneaking By IT - DarkReading
    Tags: ( proxy )
  3. Go ahead, try that new thing. To try and fail and learn from that failure is infinitely better than to never try at all!
    Fail Better : The Security Catalyst
    Tags: ( general )
  4. Hal shows us a situation we need to be aware of when using some command line tools for exploring text in forensics images.
    Missed It By That Much! << SANS Computer Forensics, Investigation, and Response
    Tags: ( forensics tips )
  5. Shack is asking our opinion on a few questions about changes we might be thinking about in our organization's security programs because of the economic environment's impact on staffing and resourcing. Drop by and give him your thoughts.
    ShackF00 >> Infosec Impacts from Understaffing
    Tags: ( general )
  6. Like the title says, the last of the Defcon 16 videos have been updated and await you viewing pleasure.
    Last of the Defcon videos uploaded | Security4all - Dedicated to digital security, enterprise 2.0 and presentation skills
    Tags: ( videos conference defcon )

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