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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Here is a description of day two of the pwn2own contest.
    TippingPoint | DVLabs | Pwn2Own Day 2
    Tags: ( pwn2own )
  2. An interesting look at an exploit generating toolkit.
    Finjan MCRC Blog 2009 - A strike for lucky - LuckySploit Toolkit Exposed
    Tags: ( exploits )
  3. Microsoft released IE8 yesterday. This article talks about some of the security features present.
    Internet Explorer 8 includes a bevy of security features
    Tags: ( ie8 )
  4. Lots of fun peaking at the inside of the Linksys router.
    Dissecting the WRT54G version 8
    Tags: ( hardware hacking )
  5. A nice rebuttal by Chris.
    Stuart King - Information Security Annoyances - Response 1 << Risktical Ramblings
    Tags: ( awareness )
  6. Ryan has a great interview of Charlie Miller, one of the winners of the pwn2own contest at CanSecWest.
    Questions for Pwn2Own hacker Charlie Miller | Zero Day |
    Tags: ( interview )

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