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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Benny has his day 2 recap of 25C3 posted. Would have been fun to be there.
    #25C3 Day 2 overview: Picking up the pace | Security4all - Dedicated to digital security, enterprise 2.0 and presentation skills
    Tags: ( conferences 25c3 recap )
  2. And day 3.
    #25C3 Day 3 overview: Going to warp speed
    Tags: ( conferences 25c3 recap )
  3. Hypatia also has her day 2 recap of 25C3 posted. It's always interesting to see multiple recaps.
    25C3 Day 2
    Tags: ( conferences 25c3 recap )
  4. And day 3.
    25C3 Day 3
    Tags: ( conferences 25c3 recap )
  5. A new worm is making the rounds that takes advantage of the recent Server service problem on Microsoft Windows operating systems. You really should be patched by now. If you aren't, I suggest getting on it.
    Microsoft Urges Organizations to Patch Server Vulnerability as New Attacks Surface
    Tags: ( patches microsoft worm )
  6. Here is a nifty script that can be used for many interesting purposes. A real good one to stick in your pen testing toolbox. Not to mention for general "what's out there about X" type data leakage queries, which is what it was originally written for 🙂
    Black Fist Security: Improving your Google hacking with Python
    Tags: ( tools google scripts gathering information python )
  7. The audio and video for 25C3 are available now. There is video sized for TV and for iPod.
    Index of /CCC/25C3/
    Tags: ( conferences video audio 25c3 )

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