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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. eBay/Paypal is being particularly bothersome. See why in this post.
    EBay / Paypal Reports Security Blog To FBI For Phish Screenshot - SpywareGuide Greynets Blog
    Tags: ( phishing )
  2. This has nothing to do with information security. I have read several books about Dr. Feynan and his biography. He was a fascinating man and scientist. These classic videos will be fun to watch. Note: You have to have Silverlight 3.0 installed to watch them. Sorry.
    The Messenger Series - Microsoft Research - Richard Feynman
    Tags: ( general )
  3. Richard has followed up his "$1 millon dollar/yer Black Hat Team" post with one for the whitehats. It is not near as easy for the whilehats.
    TaoSecurity: White Hat Budgeting
    Tags: ( general )
  4. Get'em while they're hot. Rainbow tables for WPA.
    SecuriTeam Blogs >> Offensive-Security WPA Rainbow Tables
    Tags: ( rainbow-tables wpa )
  5. Adriane brings up something that we should keep in mind when we are pitching a product to our customers or business units. It is very important. They don't really care about the "How cool is that?" argument.
    Securosis Blog | Technology vs. Practicality
    Tags: ( general )

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