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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Some good information on performing forensics on Google's browser, Chrome.
    Google Chrome Forensics
    Tags: ( forensics chrome google )
  2. Recon is looking for talk submissions.
    The Professional Security Testers Warehouse for the GPEN GSEC GCIH GREM CEH QISP Q/ISP OPST CPTS - REC0N 2010 MONTREAL CANADA JULY 9-11
    Tags: ( recon conferences cfp )
  3. Craig asks a really good question, "Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business?"
    Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Business? : The Security Catalyst
    Tags: ( cloud )
  4. The guys over at SANS Computer Forensics are starting a new weekly feature where they point out interesting forensics tidbits from around the internet.
    Digital Forensic Case Leads: Introductions
    Tags: ( forensics )
  5. This is a neat analysis of an exploit that has multiple levels of obfuscation.
    An In-Depth Exploit Analysis on Multilayer Obfuscations - Security Labs Blog
    Tags: ( exploit analysis )
  6. The presentations from Blackhat DC 2010 are starting to become available.
    Black Hat (r) Technical Security Conference: DC 2010 // Archives
    Tags: ( blackhatdc presentations archives )
  7. Ever want to play with your own botnet? Here you go, a nice learning tool.
    KreiosC2 - DigiNinja
    Tags: ( botnet research testing )
  8. A new version of Dradis is available. This is a handy collaborative documentation sharing tool that is very helpful in incident response and forensic work. Works well for other situations too.
    dradis - Effective Information Sharing
    Tags: ( dradis tools )
  9. Whoops. Not so hard for somebody to spy on your blackberry.
    Is Your BlackBerry App Spying on You?
    Tags: ( blackberry malware )
  10. Nifty stuff. A few very helpful regexes to have in your back pocket for your data mining efforts.
    JL's stuff: Forensic Regexes
    Tags: ( forensics regex )
  11. Interesting discussion on rescinding local admin rights on our end points.
    Securosis Blog | FireStarter: Admin access, buh bye
    Tags: ( local-admin )
  12. Interesting counterpoint to the post above about admin rights. I tend to agree with Rich's thoughts here.
    Securosis Blog | Counterpoint: Admin Rights Don't Matter the Way You Think They Do
    Tags: ( local-admin rights )
  13. I love to see this happen. Sensepost will no longer have a registration wall before their publicly available research and tool offerings. Wish more companies would go this route.
    Removing registration requirements
    Tags: ( general )

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