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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Some good tips in this article about dealing with unkowns when performing a risk assessment.
    Assuming the breach: Mapping the Unknown Unknowns
    Tags: ( risk-management )
  2. Matt has a good article up that takes a quick look at what the power companies are doing.
    SMRT Grid : Liquidmatrix Security Digest
    Tags: ( power scada )
  3. Xavier talks about a nifty too called SEAT (Search Engine Assessment Tool.) Definitely worth taking a look at.
    /dev/random >> Blog Archive >> Introduction to SEAT
    Tags: ( tools seat )
  4. Chris posts part two of his rebuttal to Stuart King. Good stuff in there.
    Stuart King - Information Security Annoyances - Response 2 << Risktical Ramblings
    Tags: ( risk-modeling )
  5. Dave offers some suggestions on things we should be doing during these difficult times where layoff are becoming more and more prevalent.
    ShackF00 >> Security's Role in Downsizing
    Tags: ( general )

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