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I am going to try something new here this morning.  I am at the RSA conference in San Francisco and have a table and power at the keynote! I am going to try and live blog the first keynote. If it goes well, I may keep it up for the rest of the mornings keynotes.

Here we go!

Time for the Edgar Alan Poe slide show. Won't be saying much here.

Title: A Common Call: Architecting  a New Information Security Landscape

Talking about cyber criminals. They out number us. They are organized and purposeful.

The vendor community must take the lead to combat them.

*note: I will not be providing any editorial comments, merely notes on what is being said.

Talking about fraud is threatening the existence of the information ecosystem, like pollution.

Now on to economic crisis. Technology can enable recovery.

Rapid transformation of technologies, social networking, virtualizaiont, commercialization of IT and mobile devices are having real impacts in today's IT world.

Current infrastructure evolved with not overarching plan. No process. It's a "leaning tower of technologies."

We must embrace a common development process for informstion security.

Focus on Information Risk Management

  • Policy Management
  • Policy Decision
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Policy Audit

Today's security products protect a defined element from a defined attack. Criminals work around it.

Breaking out each area from point products to show how making them broader in scope will help us protect information better.

The whole issue being to move from a point product based implementation to a system. Cannot be done with a suite of products from a single vendor.  Vendors must collaborate.

Have to do three things.

  • Collaborate on standards
  • Share technology
  • Integrate and Embed.

Talking about EMC, Cisco and Microsoft collaborating, sharing and integrating.

Now talking about virtualization.

VMWare making a major announcement this morning. Keep your ears tuned.

Closing thoughts:

Industries usually grow incrementally, sometimes huge changes "tipping points" happen. Art suggests we are at such a "tipping point" right now.

Vendors must take the lead, but practitioners must demand it of them.

Proverb: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Last part of the first keynote is a panel with Art Cavielo and senior executives from Microsoft and Cisco. Talking about collaboration. That is collaboration in vendor space, not collaboration "tools."

Oops. Typo in title. Thanks for @drinfosec for pointing it out.

Keynote 1 finished. I hope you found this interesting. I will be continuing this through the rest of the keynotes this morning. Each in its own post. The next keynote starts at 9:00 am PST/12:00 pm EST

BTW  - I would love to hear back from you if this is helpful.

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