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  1. I think I pointed to part 1 of this article, but can't remember and am a bit too lazy at the moment to go look 🙂 Either way, the second part is up and you will find a link to the first part inside. It is some pretty cool stuff from a visualization perspective.
    Detailed look at using Circos for IT Investigation - Part II << fifth.sentinel
    Tags: ( tools )
  2. This is a must read. I'm not saying anything else other than go read it. Now. Hurry!
    Verizon Business Security Blog >> Blog Archive >> 2009 Data Breach Investigations Supplemental Report
    Tags: ( verizon dbir )
  3. Heh. The first of a series of interviews by Andrew.
    Andrew Hay >> Blog Archive >> Information Security D-List Interview: Paul Asadoorian
    Tags: ( interviews )
  4. Here is an interesting perspective on the wonderful addition of Google and Bing integrating Facebook and Twitter status updates into search results.
    Google, Bing open new criminal opportunities by adding Twitter, Facebook feeds | The Last Watchdog
    Tags: ( malware facebook twitter search google )
  5. The Social Security Blogger Awards will be happening again at RSA 2010. If you have a security blog and want to be considered you need to become a member of the Security Bloggers Network. Check inside for details.
    The Ashimmy Blog: Social Security Blogger Awards 2010
    Tags: ( sbn awards )
  6. Chris's slides and handouts from his State of (In)Security talk at the 2009 MN-GTS conference are available for a short while.
    Dr. InfoSec: MN-GTS - The State of (In)Security in 2009
    Tags: ( general )

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