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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Bruce points out a very interesting paper on scams and the psychology of why they work. Only part way through the paper, but it is very good.
    Schneier on Security: The Psychology of Being Scammed
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  2. Alex has a challenge for you. Go ahead and make those predictions, but they are going to keep track and see how well you do 🙂
    2010 Security Prognosticators - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!!! << The New School of Information Security
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  3. Mike is back. Check out the latest Incite and get ready to hear from him more often.
    The Daily Incite - 11/30/09 - Giving Thanks | Security Incite: Analysis on Information Security
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Since at least a couple people find these posts helpful and/or interesting (thanks Zach and Kees), they will continue.

Dean De Beer posts about the increasing complexity of scams our users are seeing. One wonders how long until it will be virtually impossible for the average user to determine if an email is legitimate or not.

Andy Willingham has penned a missive that discusses something that every information security professional has to come to terms with at one time or another. He calls it audit driven programs.

Our last entry today comes from Alex Hutton. He posits that under certain circumstances checklists are not for dummies, but they sure are dumb. As he says, checklists have their place, but are completely inadequate and often misleading when used for some purposes.

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