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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. OT, but very cool. Make your own QR code temporary tatoos.
    QR Code Temporary Tattoos Howto | The Guerilla CISO
    Tags: ( general )
  2. I think I pointed to something about this a bit ago, but here is more on chip and pin having issues.
    Light Blue Touchpaper >> Blog Archive >> Chip and PIN is broken
    Tags: ( chip-and-pin )
  3. Fun stuff here. Using WCF to scan inside the perimeter.
    Abusing WCF to Perform Remote Port Scans - Gotham Digital Science
    Tags: ( scanning )
  4. Dave opines about 5 reasons your security program may be struggling.
    ShackF00 >> 5 Reasons Your Security Program is a Failure
    Tags: ( general security-program )
  5. Just in case you were not aware of it, OWASP has a broken web application project. It's a VM with vulnerable apps.
    owaspbwa - Project Hosting on Google Code
    Tags: ( webappsec education )
  6. Join the rant against the term "best practice." Drives me nuts, just like it does Adam.
    Best Practices for Defeating the term "Best Practices" << The New School of Information Security
    Tags: ( general )
  7. Josh has some good point about social networking and its use are work.
    Josh More - Starmind Blog >> Should we allow our employees to engage in social networking?
    Tags: ( social-networking )
  8. Check it out if you are in Europe or have a really big travel budget.
    Pimping the Security Non-Cons: Troopers 2010 | Rational Survivability
    Tags: ( conferences )
  9. Some cool and interesting stuff going on in the A6 world. Check out Chris's post about A6 and CloudAudit.
    The Automated Audit, Assertion, Assessment, and Assurance API (A6) Becomes: CloudAudit | Rational Survivability
    Tags: ( cloud a6 cloudaudit )
  10. Fun with social engineering and Metasploit.
    Social-Engineering Toolkit (SET)
    Tags: ( social-engineering metasploit )
  11. .:[ Layered Security ]:.: 802.11n card that works with BackTrack 4 - woohoo!
    Tags: ( backtrack tools wireless )
  12. Security-Shell: NoMore AND 1=1 - Web Application Testing Tool released
    Tags: ( webappsec sql-injection )
  13. 7 Things Every Information Security Professional Should Know -- My Information Security Job
    Tags: ( careers )

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