Here are today's interesting bits in information security.

  1. This is an interesting story of the DarkMarket sting.
    Three years undercover with the identity thieves
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  2. Just because the website you are visiting is a popular, well-known site doesn't mean that it is complete safe. Conversely, just because a site is declared to host malware, doesn't mean they whole site is malicious.
    70 Of Top 100 Web Sites Spread Malware -- Malware -- InformationWeek
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  3. Want to get some personally identifiable information on somebody. Find out where they get the dry cleaning done and get a job. Wow.
    9,000 USBs left in Laundrettes : Security Watch - Internet Security News: IT security, Business security, Computer security, Network security, and more
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  4. Time to patch Quicktime.
    QuickTime 7.6 Fixes First 7 Bugs of 2009 - Security Watch
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  5. I pointed this out recently. Looks like Seagate users are going to need to patch again.
    Seagate Offers Second Fix For Hard-Drive Firmware -- Storage Security -- InformationWeek
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  6. This is very cool. I use OpenDNS at home and have never been happier.
    New Security Services Land In Home Routers - DarkReading
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  7. Gonna be a meetup for podcasters at ShmooCon. Looks like a lot of fun.
    Podcasters Meetup at ShmooCon -
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  8. A very nice article about why we need to keep identity and authentication as separate and distinct.
    Hat tip:
    It's Me, and Here's My Proof: Why Identity and Authentication Must Remain Distinct
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  9. A new blog talking about SSL and some of the pitfalls one can come across in various implementations.
    Introducing | tssci security
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That's it for today. Have fun!

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