Good afternoon everybody! Sorry for missing both Friday's and yesterdays bits posts. My Friday was spent working with Habitat for Humanity on a new home for a deserving family. It was a great experience and I heartily recommend it as time well spent. Yesterday was just too busy 🙂

Anyway, here are today's, and a few from this weekend, Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. A new version of OffVis is available along with a training video.
    Security Research & Defense : OffVis updated, Office file format training video created
    Tags: ( tools microsoft office )
  2. Here is an interesting adaption of "The Joel Test."
    Matasano Security LLC - Chargen - The Joel Test: 12 Steps To Better IT Management
    Tags: ( general )
  3. A great article from Russel. This one contains some tips for building an Information Security Risk Scorecard.
    12 Tips for Designing an InfoSec Risk Scorecard (its harder than it looks) << The New School of Information Security
    Tags: ( scorecard risk )
  4. This is a very interesting article about backups and virtualization strategies. A very import part of your strategy needs to be, How are you going to deal with backups?
    The Side Effects of Backup on Server Virtualization - Backup & Beyond
    Tags: ( virtualization backup )
  5. The latest version of the SANS Top Cyber Security Risks report is out.
    SANS: The Top Cyber Security Risks
    Tags: ( risks )
  6. Here is a nice article with some questions to ask when considering the implementation of an identity management solutions. (Hat Tip:
    12 questions to ask before implementing an identity management system -- Government Computer News
    Tags: ( identity-management )
  7. The Security Twits bus is off on another adventure as it gathers up a bunch to twits and heads to SecTor. Let Jack know if you want to be picked up 🙂
    Uncommon Sense Security: Security Twits Road Trip III, the SecTorBus
    Tags: ( conferences security-twits )
  8. Rsnake has a whole pile of HTTP headers for you to play with should you want to. I bet some interesting things can be found out.
    Half a Million HTTP Headers web application security lab
    Tags: ( data )
  9. An entirely virtual security conference is taking place on November 6th-8th. Very cool. What's even better is that all CFPs are being accepted.
    SecurityTubeCon - Democratizing Hacker Cons
    Tags: ( conference cfp securitytube )
  10. Want to setup some motion sensors to tweet activity? Ax0n shows us how.
    HiR Information Report: Gustav, the hackerspace twitter-bot
    Tags: ( hardware-hacking )
  11. SynJunkie took a short break from his CCNA studies (good posts in that series too) to give a post about using Fgdump, John the Ripper and Powershell together to do some nifty scripted password auditing.
    Syn: Password Auditing with Fgdump, John the Ripper & PowerShell
    Tags: ( passwords cracking )
  12. Russel has an interesting challenge for us. I know a few in academia that might enjoy this conversation.
    This Friday is "Take an Academic Friend to Work Day" << The New School of Information Security
    Tags: ( general )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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