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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Shhh. It's a secret, but here are some items that evil hacker types won't tell you.
    13 Things a Web Application Attacker Won't Tell You - denimgroup's posterous
    Tags: ( webappsec )
  2. Kees points us to some free training on Incident Command Systems offered by FEMA. Worth checking out.
    Incident Response and the Incident Command System - Kees Leune
    Tags: ( incident-response )
  3. David Meier's first Securosis post is live and its a good one.
    Securosis Blog | Realistic Security
    Tags: ( security-program )
  4. Those cute little snort pigs don't make very good rockets. The VRT team proves it.
    VRT: of Pigs and Rockets
    Tags: ( humor )
  5. This malware not only steals your money, it modifies your statement so you don't know you've been stolen from. Wow.
    New Malware Re-Writes Online Bank Statements to Cover Fraud | Threat Level |
    Tags: ( malware )
  6. Looks like Microsoft's Security Essentials does a pretty good job.
    Security Fix - Stress Testing Microsoft's Free Anti-virus Offering
    Tags: ( anti-virus anti-malware microsoft )

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