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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. I missed Blackhat and Defcon this year and I was bummed about it. The SecurityBSides event that I also missed just made it worse. 🙁
    SecurityBSides: The Best-Kept Vegas Secret - Hacked Off - Dark Reading
    Tags: ( securitybsides )
  2. The Infosec Cynic gets stuck in the lift with Rebecca Herold.
    Rebecca Herold - Stuck in the lift with the cynic | The Infosec Cynic
    Tags: ( interview )
  3. Here is a Google talk from Nate Lawson on common cryptology flaws.
    Google Tech Talk on common crypto flaws << root labs rdist
    Tags: ( cryptography )
  4. A new tool is available from GNUCITIZEN. Unfortunately, it is only available for Mac right now. Windows and Linux releases to come in the future.
    Free Web Application Security Testing Tool | GNUCITIZEN
    Tags: ( webappsec tools )

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