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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Leave it to David to be able to use canning and mason jars as an analogy for security and secure coding. Very nice post. Go read it.
    Reusable Code: The Mason Jars of Security | threatpost
    Tags: ( programming general )
  2. Yes, we are the unsung heroes. BTW - you have to read this if for no other reason that the Y2K reference towards the end.
    Securosis Blog | Why Successful Risk Management is Still a Failure
    Tags: ( general risk-management )
  3. I love a good walk-through and Paul provides us one that shows a step-by-step how-to on reversing some Javascript shellcode. Good stuff!
    Paul Melson's Blog: Reversing JavaScript Shellcode: A Step By Step How-To
    Tags: ( reverse-engineering javascript shellcode )
  4. The Offensive Security Exploit archive is alive and kicking. It picks up where Milw0rm left off. Go check it out.
    Offensive Security Exploit Archive Goes live | Security Active Blog
    Tags: ( exploits milw0rm )
  5. This looks to be an interesting series. Adam will be exploring ways to help information security professionals build useful and productive relationships within their enterprises.
    Adam Cardinal: Building Relationships - Internal Audit Team - IANS Perspective
    Tags: ( general )
  6. Woot! Metasploit 3.3 is out. I am hearing good things about this. Go check it out.
    Metasploit: Metasploit Framework 3.3 Released!
    Tags: ( metasploit webappsec pentesting )
  7. Here is a quick how-to describing a method to decompile flash files.
    Carnal0wnage Blog: Decompiling Flash Files with SWFScan
    Tags: ( flash decompile webappsec )
  8. An interesting article that explores some real-life cross subdomain exploits.
    Real-Life Examples of Cross-Subdomain Issues | Social Hacking
    Tags: ( cross-subdomain webappsec )
  9. This is going to be a very cool project. Get involved.
    Securosis Blog | An Open Metrics Model for Database Security: Project Quant for Databases
    Tags: ( metrics databases )

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