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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. This is an interesting contest held for the last couple years at CanSecWest. If you crack'em, you own'em.
    Pwn2Own hacker contest targets browsers, smart phones | Zero Day |
    Tags: ( challenge cansecwest pwn2own )
  2. A nice walk-through on getting InetSim working. It is GenToo specific, but you should be able to extrapolate for other *nix.
    The Security Shoggoth: InetSim Installation
    Tags: ( network simulation )
  3. Benny gives us some things for wrapups, videos and tools from the recent Shmoocon.
    Shmoocon 2009 overview: a collection of tools, blogposts and videos | Security4all - Dedicated to digital security, enterprise 2.0 and presentation skills
    Tags: ( conferences shmoocon )
  4. Lori speaks truth here that we all need to read, understand and implement.
    If you aren't asking "what if" now you'll be asking "why me" later
    Tags: ( general )

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