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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Ouch. Kinda glad I use wired keyboards and mice at this point 🙂
    Greg Martin's blog - InfoSecurity 2.0: Wireless Keyboard Sniffing
    Tags: ( wireless keyboard sniffing )
  2. EFF has a new tool that tracks the changes to the Terms of Service of some of the larger organization on the web like Facebook, Goggle, etc. Pretty cool.
    EFF Posts 'Terms of Service' Tracker | Threat Level |
    Tags: ( eff )
  3. A nice article with some interesting ideas about putting things in your app that when accessed indicate you are under attack. I can think of a name for that, but it has a very unfortunate acronym, so will refrain from writing it here.
    AppSec Street Fighter - SANS Institute >> My Top 6 Honeytokens
    Tags: ( webappsec )
  4. Lori has a really good analogy for us. Take a few minutes to check it out.
    The Gluten-free Application Network
    Tags: ( webappsec )
  5. Your host isn't safe if you are using VMWare Workstation and haven't patched things like you ought to.
    Hacking Tool Lets A VM Break Out And Attack Its Host - DarkReading
    Tags: ( vmware exploit )

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