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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Adrian takes a look at a few database encryption myths.
    Securosis Blog | Database Encryption Misconceptions
    Tags: ( database encryption )
  2. The Infosec Cynic interviews Anton Chuvakin.
    Anton Chuvakin - Stuck In the Lift With The Cynic | The Infosec Cynic
    Tags: ( interview )
  3. A new free encryption tool is available. This one is provided by Sophos. That's pretty cool.
    Guest blog: Sophos Free Encryption | Graham Cluley's blog
    Tags: ( encryption tools sophos )
  4. Mark points out that Federal CIO Council's Information Security and Identity Management Committee released a document titled "Guidelines for Secure Use of Social Media by Federal Departments and Agencies." This is good stuff even if you aren't in the public sector.
    New Social Media "Guidelines" - Securing GovSpace
    Tags: ( social-networking guidelines )
  5. This is worth a read and a watch. It is the talk given by Matsano and Nate McFetters at last year's C4 conference. It is some guidance for independent Apple software developers. It also applies to non-apple developers too.
    Matasano Security LLC - Chargen - Indie Software Security: A ~12 Step Program
    Tags: ( sdl )
  6. Jack gives his perspective of the recent Massachusetts 201 CMR 17.00 public hearing. He was not impressed.
    Uncommon Sense Security: Making sausage, one hearing at a time
    Tags: ( law policy )
  7. The BruCon videos are up on the wiki and Xavier is also hosting a local copy.
    /dev/random >> BruCON Talks Video Mirror
    Tags: ( brucon videos )
  8. If you are having some issues with sqlninja and metasploit, take a look at this post.
    RaDaJo (RAul, DAvid and JOrge) Security Blog: Sqlninja & Metasploit
    Tags: ( sqlninja metasploit )
  9. Malware, like all software, tends to have common traits. This article talks about what some of them are.
    Categories of Common Malware Traits
    Tags: ( malware )

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