Hello again everybody and welcome to Monday. Below we have tidbits on Orcacle patches, common coding errors, steganography, Security Catalyst, risk assessments using FAIR, financial impact of cloud computing, a little humor about cloud computing, and a tool to help you with your regex adventures.

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  1. 41 patches coming from Oracle. Get the patch hammer ready.
    Oracle to issue 41 security patches - Network World
    Tags: ( vulnerability patches oracle )
  2. Top 25 coding errors report supposed to be released today.
    Group to detail 25 most dangerous coding errors hackers exploit
    Tags: ( secure programming coding errors )
  3. Here is free tool if you would like to play around with steganography. Steganography is defined as hiding data by embedding it in other data in such a way as to leave the original innocuous data intact. OpenStego
    Tags: ( tools java steganography )
  4. The 2009 contributors for the Security Catalyst site have been announced. It's a good mix. I look forward to seeing what they produce this year.
    The Security Catalyst >> Introducing the Security Catalyst Contributors for 2009
    Tags: ( general )
  5. Chris has setup a new scenario for trying your hand at a risk assessment using the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) methodology. Take a stab at it. He will be posting the rest of the series this week.
    Risk Scenario - Hidden Field / Sensitive Information (Part 1 of 4) - The Scenario << Risktical Ramblings
    Tags: ( risk assessment fair )
  6. A nice post pointing out some financial dangers that need to be considered when using cloud based infrastructure.
    When the Cloud Bursts - Someone Gets Wet... | CloudAve
    Tags: ( cloud )
  7. Christofer has something you really must read. Classic.
    Rational Survivability: Introducing the Next Generation of Cloud Computing...
    Tags: ( cloud humor )
  8. A nifty tool to help you with your regex adventures.
    Hat tip: @mfratto
    The Regex Coach - interactive regular expressions
    Tags: ( tools regex )

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