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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Just in case you need some help security your IIS based FTP server.
    Securing your FTP Server 101 - Nazim's IIS Security Blog : The Official Microsoft IIS Site
    Tags: ( iis ftp tips )
  2. Sunbelt has a free tool available that will decrypt files that have been encrypted by the Data Doctor 2010 ransomware.
    Sunbelt Blog: Data Doctor 2010 encrypted files: we have a tool for that
    Tags: ( malware tools )
  3. Johannes shares a few handy scripts to have in your toolbelt if you are every faced with a denial of service attack.
    DoS Attack After Action Report - Shell Scripts
    Tags: ( ddos tools )
  4. Not sure yet exactly what this accomplishes. I did it and you get a big list of things you can do, some of which you can easily do in other places and some that appear unique. It will be fun to find out what's in there.
    Get your Windows 7 God Mode Groove On | Security Active Blog
    Tags: ( windows-7 tips )
  5. This list, in many cases, relates to information security like Dilbert relates to working in the corporate world, which is a very sad thing.
    Top 10 Reasons Your Security Program Sucks and Why You Can't Do Anything About It << Amrit Williams Blog
    Tags: ( general )
  6. This looks like something fun to play with, a new entry in the open source IDS/IPS arena.
    System Advancements at the Monastery >> Blog Archive >> Suricata: A Next Generation IDS/IPS Engine
    Tags: ( ids suricata )

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