Today's Bits brings us posts that talk about rule breakers, DHS profiles of international travelers, playing like you're a printer with netcat, some possible policies that may need attention and things to think about when using Skype in the enterprise. Read on for the details.

  1. I have seen everyone of the these happen more times than I can count.
    The 4 Security Rules Employees Love to Break - Network World
    Tags: ( general awareness )
  2. This is an interesting read about what information the Department of Homeland Security has on international travelers. If you are curious about what they have on you, you can find out.
    A rare peek at Homeland Security's files on travelers - This Just In - Budget Travel
    Tags: ( travel dhs profile )
  3. Wesley has a nice how-to that show you a method for catching print jobs with netcat. Very handy for the issue he was trying to solve. However, as a commenter points out, what a great way to grab data in a pen test 🙂
    McGrew Security Blog >> Blog Archive >> Pretending to be a Printer with Netcat
    Tags: ( mitm printer netcat )
  4. Rebecca makes a really good point in this post. If your policies and procedures don't address twitter and its ilk, you should probably get on that.
    Business Info Fact Of The Day: Employees In Most Organizations Are Twittering - Realtime IT Compliance
    Tags: ( twitter procedure policies )
  5. A couple things to think about regarding Skype in the enterprise.
    Lawrence Orans on Containing the Risk of Using Skype
    Tags: ( general skype )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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