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  1. VeriSign has stepped up and offered replacement SSL certs free of change to all customers with MD5-based certs. They have also implemented SHA-1 for all certs now. Should have happened much earlier, but at least they were quick in there response.
    VeriSign addresses MD5 flaw
    Tags: ( vulnerability ssl general cert )
  2. Good guidance for us all and some suggestions on how to go about doing it.
    Know your network to keep it secure :: SearchNetworking.com.au
    Tags: ( network )
  3. Forrester is indicating that security spending may be taking a bigger chunk of IT spending in 2009.
    Despite Economy, Security Spending To Increase In 2009 - security industry/Management - DarkReading
    Tags: ( general spending 2009 )
  4. Oops. Trusted Execution Technology might not deserve to be trusted as much as we were lead to believe.
    Researchers hack into Intel's vPro - Network World
    Tags: ( txt )
  5. This is nifty. A nice visualization of botnet IRC channel joins.
    Flashy botnet is Flashy - F-Secure Weblog : News from the Lab
    Tags: ( botnet visualization )
  6. Erik has part 1 of a series that will address securing our Linux hosts.
    Art of Information Security >> Secure Your Linux Host - Part 1: Foundations...
    Tags: ( linux securing )
  7. Donald points us to a paper written by Brett Shavers about virtual machines and forensics analysis. I just added it to my stack of stuff to read.
    Forensic reading - Malta Info Security
    Tags: ( forensics virtualization vmware )
  8. A very good read. Well written and has a good point.
    Could the Titanic have changed course? | The Guerilla CISO
    Tags: ( general compliance checklists )
  9. I have pointed to all the previous parts of the this series of posts. The first paragraph has links to them also. I really like how they have brought all the previous posts together by showing some use cases. Well done.
    Building a Web Application Security Program, Part 8: Putting It All Together | securosis.com
    Tags: ( webappsec program )
  10. Adam points us to Maine's Data Breach Study. He points out some interesting tidbits. Enough that I have grabbed the study for reading later.
    Emergent Chaos: Maine Breach Study
    Tags: ( data breach study maine )
  11. Damon has a very nice guest post up on Jennifer Leggio's Feeds blog. It reaches beyond the issues that Twitter was dealing with this weekend.
    The inevitable rise (and fall?) of 'twishing' | Feeds | ZDNet.com
    Tags: ( twitter phishing social-networks )

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