Happy New Year everyone! Welcome to the first edition of Interesting Information Security Bits for 2010. We have great crop of things to check out today.

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. If you couldn't make it to #26C3, many of the talks are now available on video. Check it out here.
    Download the #26C3 videos and bonus material | Security4all - Dedicated to digital security, enterprise 2.0 and presentation skills
    Tags: ( conferences 26c3 videos )
  2. Uh-oh. Not good.
    NIST-certified USB Flash drives with hardware encryption cracked - The H Security: News and Features
    Tags: ( usb encryption )
  3. Interesting look at small and mid-sized companies being targeted by cyber gangs. By the way, this is Brian Krebs's new site. He is no longer with the Washington Post. Make sure to add it to your RSS reader.
    Buried Warning Signs -- Krebs on Security
    Tags: ( online-banking theft )
  4. Very cool. A new e-mag has been started. Into the Boxes is an e-mag about digital forensics and incident response. Good stuff.
    Into The Boxes: Issue 0x0 << Into The Boxes
    Tags: ( incident-response forensics )
  5. Jack is ready to get the Shmoobus back on the road. If you are in northeast and looking for a ride, check it out.
    Uncommon Sense Security: Shmoobus II
    Tags: ( conferences shmoo )
  6. Mike Rothman has joined Securosis. Good things will come of this.
    Securosis Blog | Introducing Securosis Plus: Now with 100% More Incite!
    Tags: ( general )
  7. Nifty. Version 2 is now available of the Web Application Security Consortium's Threat Classification
    The Web Application Security Consortium / Threat Classification
    Tags: ( wasc threat-classification )
  8. A neat map of the WASC Threat Classification document to the OWASP Top Ten RC1.
    Jeremiah Grossman: WASC Threat Classification to OWASP Top Ten RC1 Mapping
    Tags: ( owasp wasc threat-classification )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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