Good afternoon everybody! I hope your day is going well. Sorry for the missing Bits posts on Friday and yesterday. I took Friday off and just didn't get it done yesterday. Therefore, we have quite a crop today.

Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Here is an interesting article on how Mozilla finds bugs that crash their products.
    How Mozilla finds crash bugs at Mozilla Security Blog
    Tags: ( mozilla )
  2. Here is a handy list of on-line malware scanners.
    List of Online Malware Scanners | PenTestIT
    Tags: ( tools malware scanners )
  3. The last of the three Panda challenges is up. I understand some answers have already been submitted, but you never know, they could be wrong.
    Panda Challenge: Hard Level - PandaLabs
    Tags: ( challenge )
  4. Wow. Just wow.
    I Can Has UR .htaccess File
    Tags: ( twitter )
  5. Raf's next interview. This time he talks to Mike "mckt" Bailey.
    Digital Soapbox - Preaching Security to the Digital Masses: 31337 Spotlight: "mckt"
    Tags: ( interviews )
  6. RSnake finds some interesting things you can do with/to wget.
    wget DNS-rebinding and Weak Intranet Port Scanning ha.ckers.org web application security lab
    Tags: ( wget )
  7. Here some information for you if you are interested in hacking your Defcon 17 badge.
    DC17 Badge Pre-Release Information - Defcon Forums
    Tags: ( defcon17 )
  8. Answers to the 2nd Panda Challenge.
    2nd Panda Challenge solution & winners - PandaLabs
    Tags: ( challenge )
  9. Raf interviewed Mubix for the first of a series of interviews of security folk.
    Digital Soapbox - Preaching Security to the Digital Masses: 31337 Spotlight: Mubix
    Tags: ( interview )
  10. An interesting article which brings up some good points. I would add password age to this type of consideration also, provided compensating controls are in place like lockouts as presented in the paper.
    Do Strong Web Passwords Accomplish Anything? (PDF)
    Tags: ( passwords )
  11. Inferno put together a couple things and came up with a fairly scaring attack on CRSF tokens.
    Hacking CSRF Tokens using CSS History Hack | SecureThoughts.com
    Tags: ( hacking crsf )

That's it for today. Have fun!

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