windows commands

Hello peoples. I know I said I'd be posting again by Wednesday of this week. I lied. Sorry about that. Coming back from vacation hurts in so many ways. So a couple days late, but here we go.

@jth twitted a link to a list of useful built-in Windows commands and tools by Ed Skoudis.

John Heasman has an interesting post up which talks about NTLM Fun and Games. Worth looking at.

Micki Krause over at has an article up that refers to Joyce Brocaglia's chapter in "CISO Leadership: Essential Principles for Success."

The second part of a series about Communicating About Risk is up over at Part one is here. Read them. It will be time well spent.

Jennifer Jabbusch has yet another informative post up. This one helps us understand the difference between a NAC client and an 802.1X Supplicant. Jennifer does a great job of making both topics approachable.

That's it for today. Have great one.


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