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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. Looks like NSA is now better prepared to see if someone is spying on their networks.
    NSA patents a way to spot network snoops - Network World
    Tags: ( intrusion detection nsa )
  2. Looks like Mozilla made a lier out of me. The had to release another Firefox 2 patch because they left something out of the supposed final 2.0.19 version.
    Mozilla re-issues Firefox 2 update, includes missing patch - Network World
    Tags: ( firefox mozilla patches )
  3. Looks like American Express didn't quite get that problem taken care of like they thought they did.
    American Express bitten by XSS bugs (again) * The Register
    Tags: ( xss vulnerability amex )
  4. Some good tips on managing your telecommuting population.
    Manage telecommuters without losing your mind
    Tags: ( guidance telecommuting )
  5. Want to know the real IP address of the target. Here's Decloak to help you out.
    SecuriTeam Blogs >> Metasploit's Decloak, v2
    Tags: ( metasploit )
  6. A nice list of a some nifty Firefox plugins.
    HiR Information Report: Firefox plugins for security and geeky fun
    Tags: ( firefox plugins )

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