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Here are today's Interesting Information Security Bits from around the web.

  1. This is nice to see.
    Yahoo to anonymize user data after 90 days | Security - CNET News
    Tags: ( privacy )
  2. Time to update Flash Player on Linux.
    Critical Flaw in Flash Player...For Linux! - Security Watch
    Tags: ( flash linux )
  3. Part 3 of SynJunkies' tale is ready for your perusal.
    Syn: The Story of an Insider - Part 3. Playing at CSI
    Tags: ( incident-response stories )
  4. New version. Haven't played with this one yet. Going to have to check it out.
    /dev/random >> Blog Archive >> OpenVAS 2.0.0. is out
    Tags: ( vulnerability openvas )
  5. Mike is getting involved it what appears to be a great new effort in training for penetration testers.
    Getting Information Security Training Right | Episteme
    Tags: ( training pentesting )
  6. Nifty new features.
    New Zenmap adds feature that does topology mapping | SecViz
    Tags: ( nmap zenmap )
  7. Done't forget folks. Firefox 2 is at end-of-life with 2.0.19 and you lost your safe-browsing capabilities too.
    Firefox 2 Users Will Get No More Security Updates - Security Fix
    Tags: ( firefox patches )
  8. I just like this post and Kees's approach.
    Making the world a little better - Kees Leune Information Security Blog
    Tags: ( awareness education )

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